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And as a spirit soul, part and parcel of the Supreme Soul we have all the natural qualities of the Supreme Soul. Like a chip from the diamond has all the qualities of the diamond but they are in minor quantity. The qualities are there but they are infinitesimal. So we have all these qualities but in minor quantities. So they appear, they manifest in our life often as desires or a needs, or understanding of necessity. I need these things, you see.

And one of those that always appears in our life because you cannot separate it from our self is the need for love. Spirit is actually love, you cannot say there is a difference between spirit and love because it is synonymous, it goes together. You cannot say there is a difference between spirit and happiness. It is the nature of our very being to be happy, and the source of real happiness is love.

You cannot be happy without love, it is impossible. There are many people on this planet they have everything that should make them happy and they are absolutely miserable, they have all the riches and the fame, and the prestige, and they have been through all the essential experiences, whatever, whatever, money is not problem. And they are miserable, absolutely miserable, because they do not have love in their life.

Relationships do not necessarily mean love. You see, we are always running around looking for love, because it is a requirement for our very being.

It is not like we will quit looking for love, you will never stop the quest for happiness. It is like a person needs water to maintain the body. You will never going to quit looking for water if you are in the desert. The only time you cease looking for a water in the desert in this example is when you die. But the soul never dies, so we are always thirsty, we are always in this desert of material life. You see, and we are always thirsty, we are looking for that which will quench our thirst. And that is love, that is the elixir of life. That is what actually satisfies us, the spirit souls. And we are desperate for that, we know that intuitively.

The baby comes from the womb… actually prior to leaving the womb, the baby understands love is the most important thing. The baby, he did not go to school to learn this, he does not have to hear it from some other source, he knows it. Inside this baby body is a living spirit soul that is craving for love. So when the baby comes out the object of love becomes automatically the mother. And the baby becomes the object of love for the mother. So there is a loving exchange right out the gate: the baby loves mom, the mom loves the baby. It does not matter if the mom is the most ugly creature on the planet. She is overweight, she is just so undesirable physically or even mentally, or personality wise, or whatever. You see, which is what we usually base our attraction to people on, physical and mental and so on. But for the baby it does not count, he does not care. He is not judging her against somebody else’s mom and say, “You know, this guy’s mom looks better than mine, maybe I should trade moms.” No. “It is my mom, I am her child, she is my object of love. And she is expressing love for me and therefore all is good in my life. All is good in the world”. For the baby that is all that counts, the rest of it does not even matter.

The scientists, as they are always doing, wanted to find out what will happen if they took a baby monkey away from its mother at birth and put it in a cage alone, completely separate from all other life forms. And they fed it exactly the right diet, the temperature was right, everything was there for the physical wellbeing. They even put another monkey in this cage, but it was made from wood, a wooden monkey. And this little baby monkey actually went to this wooden monkey and climbed to this monkey and cried. But there was no love coming from the wooden monkey because there was nobody there to love this baby monkey. So the baby monkey went crazy. They did several different experiments and the result was the same.

Without love we go crazy. That is why the world is absolutely crazy. We need it. Relationships to be real, to be fulfilling, to be what they are supposed to be to meet our hopes and demands really have to be based on love, the rest of it is not fulfilling.

We have so many different relationships, again, it is the nature of the soul to be in a relationship, that is why we have so many, unavoidably so. You cannot avoid relationships. Even if you will go to the forest and hide out in a cave somewhere you will have your relationships. You will have your relationships with nature to start with, you will have your relationships with something in the mind. You will have the relationships with the body, you will have the relationships with someone and some things.

We all have relationships, an interchange, reaction that goes on between us. And of cause these relationships with objects they do not fulfil us very much at all, they are very shallow, they are very shallow, because there is no exchange of love.

We use the word «love» very loosely. To mean basically anything that gives me pleasure we say «I love it.»
— I love pizza.
— Why?
— Because I like pizza, it gives a good taste to my tongue. I love pizza, I love my car, I love my new jacket, I love to ski, I love…

Love, love, love. All over the place, you see. Anything that gives me a moment of pleasure – I love it. And if it gives me pain – I hate it. So this is the flip side of the same coin: I love it – I hate it. So when it comes to relationships is not this we sometimes experience? «I love you.» And then a little while later, «I hate you.» Have you ever noticed the one you loved the most, why he has been the one you hate the most? Very unique, is not it? I love you to death, I cannot live without you – I hate you so much, I cannot live with you. And sometimes it changes every five minutes. I loved you last night, I hate you today.

Upside down world, very frustrated, very damaging to life. How can we be happy in such a world, you see. We cannot. We put our whole focus on a person. To love this person, to get my pleasure from this person and so on and so on. And it always proves less than perfect, you see.

I had just talked to friend of mine in Northern Norway not too long ago. And she has always been telling me that she has always been lonely. From the first time I met her she was telling me, «I am so lonely.» Very nice person, spends a lot of time in nature, very attracted to that aspect of life. But she always told me, «I am so lonely.» So when I spoke to her last time (I had not talked to her for some years) she told me her mom died, her dad died, she had a dog, she was really attached to the dog, he was providing some satisfaction, the dog died. She had got married along the way and the husband left her. And she said, «Now I am so lonely.» And it is very tragic, very sad. And it is not a rare story, you see.

This is the material world we live in. But if we do not change our approach to the solution, if we do not actually begin to accept the truth and give up the search in the wrong place, nothing is going to really change. There will be good times and bad times. “All things have changed in my life, my life is now so wonderful”. But that is a temporary thing and it will go back the other way.

We are spirit souls, part and parcel of the Supreme Soul. We have this loving propensity, this loving tendency and therefore we are going to exercise that. That is not going to just go away. We need to learn what to do with this. What am I going to do with my life, which is actually a quest for a happiness based on love. It has to be love or it never will produce happiness. It cannot, because that is what makes the soul happy. So what I have to do is actually give up my attempts to be independent of God.