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One friend of mine, the guy is an amazing mountaineer, he was climbing K2 and all these places in Himalaya. The guy is that kind of guy. And he married this really sporty lady and they have got three kids. And he left her because he found somebody else, it was better. It is like — what are you doing? This is not love, this is not a relationship that prepares, that bares any good fruit. It bares fruit, every relationship bares fruit. There is no such thing as a fruitless relationships. But is the fruit going to be sweet or it is it going to be sour? Rotten fruit is no good for anybody.

So let’s get to the real needy-greedy. I, the spirit soul, must have a loving relationship, established between myself and the Supreme Lord for me to be truly happy and truly satisfied. That is a fact. Whether I like it or I do not like it, it is an eternal fact and that will not change. And until I have that true real relationships I am missing the real essence of life. I am missing life. We do not even know what life is until we have that.

So we have to step out of our normal approach to happiness and pleasure and satisfaction. Get out of the middle and put ourself on the parameter circulating around the real person that should be number one in our life. God Himself, He should be in the centre of my life. I should be doing what I am doing because it is pleasing to Him. That is when my life becomes real. That is when I start knowing what my life is all about, that is when I have a reason to live. If I do not have that I do not really have a reason to live.

To keep try to enjoy and fail, to keep take another birth and die – is that a reason to live? What, that is not a reason to live. Why do we get up in the morning, you see? If I am just getting up to enjoy many mornings I should have stayed in bad. It would have been better, that is what a lot of people do. Now the world is such, that many people never even come out of their rooms, they basically stay in bed for years. You see, there is too much stress, pressure, anxiety, too much disappointment, no love out there. I hear this all the time – there is no love in this world. And it is true, no love as it should be. There is a relationship, there is lust, there is sex, there is all these things which is masqueraded as love. It is not love.

That is why the sexual revolution has not satisfied the world. We call “making love” coming together of two people bringing their bodies into a certain situation and having fun. You see, it is physical, it is emotional, it can be very deep. But if it worked, if it really made us happy who would be the happiest people on the planet? The prostitutes. You see, the people who have the most sex would be the most happy. They are not. Their life is absolutely the opposite. And it is a really frustrating thing – to learn this truth. Because now what? I thought that was going to do it. And because sex really does not do it then we start taking drugs to increase the experience. Are those people the most happy people? Are their lives fulfilled, are they really smiling in their heart? They are completely empty, devoid of anything of value.

This is real, this is reality. Somebody asked me last night, “What is reality?” The truth is reality. And until we face the truth we really are in illusion. We are stumbling around in the dark, making many, many mistakes. We all make decisions, you have to make decisions. You have to make choices, you cannot avoid it, that is the way it is. You have to make choices and some of them are very big ones: where am I going to go, what am I going to do with my life, who am I going to marry, where am I going, what to connect my life with, what is going to happen here. I have to make those choices. But if I do not have any knowledge, if I am just walking around in the dark I am going to make a lot of choices but really bad ones.

So if I turn my ears away from all the lies, and turn my ears to the absolute truth, hear that truth and apply it to my life, now I can make the right choice. I have to educate myself, I have to be a person who is willing to say, “I do not know anything, but I want to know the truth. And if the truth hurts that is okay, I am ready to be hurt.” You see, it hurts when you are told you are wrong. It hurts when you realize everything you have done with your life was the wrong thing. It hurts a lot but you have to be willing to accept that. Because it does not hurt you as much as leaving in the lie.

I remember I met a man in Australia. He was entertaining this teaching and liking it a lot. He really liked my spiritual master, the way he spoke directly. He told me his life story, how he just put all eggs in this basket of success whatever, whatever. And then he read that book “Reincarnation explained.” We have that book by my spiritual master. And he realized everything he had done with his life was the wrong thing. And he was like 58 or 60 years old when he discovered this. And he said he was so shocked and devastated and basically depressed about it that he could not even function for a week. He was just like paralyzed. But then he started to snap out of this, “Okay, I am glad I learned this, now I know what to do.” And he had to take a whole another direction in his life.

Sometimes, basically all the time, this is what we have to do. Our friends may not like it, our parents might not approve. It might be against the grain. It is not fashionable, it is definitely not fashionable. You are not going to be the coolest guy in the world if you will take the real direction in life. You are not going to win any prizes. But who cares, who cares? What are we looking for? Happiness. Happiness is not for being approved by everybody. Our peers like us because we are paying for baying pleasure for them. Why are we so popular among our friends? Because they enjoy us. We are an object of their pleasure and they are deriving some sensation, some pleasure from us. We are the object of lust, you see. And we are fulfilling their desire for some pleasure to some degree. So they like us, but if somehow that does not work, they are not getting pleasure from us anymore, they do not like us anymore. That is why when we change the direction in our life and follow the direction guided by scripture and truth. We lose a lot of friends along the way. Because they do not see any pleasure in us anymore.

One of my friends stepped to this path. And he always had close relationship with his father. And he was completely changed, he actually went to another country and changed his whole life completely, then he goes back in a completely changed consciousness. And so his father wanted and was expecting to have the same relationship as they always had. And what was that? Their great pleasure, especially for the father, was to go and drink vodka together. And when he did not drink vodka any more, he told, “No, father, I do not do that.” His father was so angry, so angry. He told, “You have betrayed me, what are you… You are no use to me anymore.” You see. You are no longer object of pleasure for me, you are my son for what, get out of my life.

This is how it is, this is reality. But whom we are trying to please, all the people that we have become the puppets of? That they pull the strings and we dance, we dance their dance, always worried about if will they like me or not. Trying to put on a false face that we think they will accept and go, “Yeah, you are cool, man, we like you.” Or we are trying to have a real life of our own where we have a heart which is filled with satisfaction. What are we trying to do?

There is no anxiety in loving God. There is nothing but anxiety in everything else.